Most Popular Tour

We are not like other Jeep tour companies that make this about the thrill or attraction ride, but about our land, history, culture and wildlife.
This tour takes place on a 20,000 acre private ranch exclusive to New Mexico Jeep Tours.  Located less than half an hour from Albuquerque, this ranch offers the most attractions per mile and therefore the best value. Depending on the length of the tour, at the minimum you will see prehistoric ruins complete with pottery shards left by the ancient peoples, an early Spanish settlement and petroglyphs.  (Prehistoric communications etched in stone.)

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Hikes and Jeep Tours

We are privileged to have exclusive access to some of the most beautiful high desert country between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  Through the Jeep tours we offer hikes to petroglyphs, ancestral pueblo ruins, fossils and beautiful scenery.  Because this land is private you won’t be bothered by the trash or touristy people that so often ruin the experience. 

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