New Mexico Jeep Tours

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Offering tours year round in beautiful Central New Mexico

The Land of Enchantment abounds in opportunities to explore the mysteries of its ancient past and wonders of its landscapes.  Ancestral ruins, historic homesteads, petroglyphs, petrified forests and geologic marvels lie hidden in its hills and valleys.  Wild horses run free on its mesas.  New Mexico Jeep Tours invites you to  join us on one of the tours listed below as we explore the hidden wonders this land has to offer.


The Ranch

3 hour to 7 hour tours

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Pottery shards, Ancestral Puebloan ruins, petroglyphs, a historic homestead, geological wonders, petrified wood, fossils and wild horses (if they cooperate) await on this historic ranch . . .     Click here for more info and The Ranch Tour pricing


White Mesa

3 hour to 7 hour tours


Few places boast the scenic marvels and magnificent landscapes of the Land of Enchantment.  And few places in New Mexico can compare with the rugged beauty surrounding White Mesa . . .  Click here for more info and White Mesa Tour pricing